Wednesday, November 04, 2020


I'm going to have to re-evaluate some things.

In one swoop I just lost well over half my income. It's no one's fault; it's just the economy. I was already not making ends meet-- this has been a discouraging trend that began before 2020.

Maybe writing just isn't valuable. Maybe it's just my writing.

Make nice with your neighbors

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 4, 2020)

With the election now behind us, you need to find a way to live with the neighbors who supported a different candidate than you did. The neighbor who had a sign in the yard supporting the other candidate; go make up with them. Even if their sign is still there. 

Don't act as though you're doing them a favor-- it's as much to your benefit as it is to theirs. Don't be a sore loser or a sore winner; be a neighbor. Forget politics for a the rest...

Thank you for helping support