Saturday, January 09, 2021

Break it into millions of pieces

I think it's dangerous to allow Trump supporters to be treated the way they are being treated by almost everyone who isn't them.

Yes, they are wrong to support police, the Constitution, "borders", and statism in general (Trump isn't even their biggest flaw).

But the difference in how they are treated versus how the toxic statists of the other side [sic], who are just as wrong on just as many issues, are treated-- by "social" media platforms, the national mainstream media, and the dominant congressvermin-- is shocking. And it's purely because those entities opposing the "Right-statists" have sided with the "Left-statists". As if Biden isn't just as bad! They only care that he isn't Trump-- a stupid position to stake out.

I'm sick of it all.

It's long past time for multiple secession initiatives to get serious. There isn't "a United States". There's no longer even "these united States". It's over and done and people need to face it. It's not coming back. It's down to peaceful secession or violent breakups.

Yeah, I know all the arguments against it. I don't care.

Now, people may calm down after a while, and they may put on an act in public so they can keep pretending for a few more years. But the issue is going to fester under the surface from now on.

Interesting times are here, and they may well get even more interesting soon.

Are you prepared?

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  1. Amen ! and so I relay my personal declaration of independence.

    Damnation to ‘healing’! Can’t we all just get along? – No, we can’t!

    I’m tired of being blatantly robbed and having every aspect of my personal business arrogantly meddled with by hubristic busybodies. I am fed up with living (existing) in the forced union imposed through violence by the traitor Lincoln and compounded and exacerbated by every elitist bastard that has followed in his wake since then. There is no ‘united’ states and I am annoyed by the sophist lecturing that attempts to maintain the pretense of this collectivist fiction in the face of its obvious falsehood. Screw obedience and submissive servitude; I want my individual self-propriety acknowledged and respected and to hell with anybody who won’t!

    1. Agreed!

      Uncle Joe Bad'un was all for "unity" until he (or his puppeteers) felt his side had the upper hand. Suddenly "unity" and "healing" went out the window. Now they believe they can get away with anything they want to do to anyone who isn't one of them.