Sunday, February 28, 2021

"Just test it small"

You can't just judge slavery and say it's bad. You need to test it in some limited way-- or region-- and see how it works out

The same goes for genocide. It's small-minded to just come out against it until you test it and see if it's right for some state or city. You're just not a smart person if you automatically say it's wrong to commit genocide.

Sure, these things have been tested multiple times and found to be awful (maybe the tests were flawed), but this time might be different. Right...?

This is the government-supremacist justification for anti-gun legislation, for $15 per hour minimum wages and other government economic interference, and for climate legislation. Until you've tested every idea, how can you credibly criticize it? So why pretend you can just pre-judge those other things I listed at the beginning?

Because you're smarter than those who believe anyone has a right to test such things.

If a plan would violate the life, liberty, or property of any individual, it would be just as wrong to "test it small" as it would to impose it on the entire population of Earth. It doesn't matter whether it works. It doesn't matter if you really want to know how it would turn out. There are things no one has the right or the imaginary political "authority" to do. You don't need to test them to figure that out-- just have worthwhile ethics.


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