Sunday, March 14, 2021

Is your compliance all used up?

I think the government overreach of this past year drained my "compliance bladder" of all its stored compliance fluid. I'm pretty much empty now. At least for nonsensical (or what I see as nonsensical) stuff.

I know some people have feared that humans are being trained to be compliant over the past year, but I wonder how many recoiled the other direction. There's always an opposite reaction and unintended consequences.

It's difficult, because I do try to respect store managers' signs requesting (or communicating the state's demand to wear) masks. But recently, I've been forgetting more and more. I just can't care anymore. Not even a little. I never cared much to begin with, but what little I did care has been used up. They pushed too far and too long.

As I've said from the beginning, I'm agnostic about the masks. Yeah, they may help a little in some way. Probably not enough to justify being a karen about them. And making them mandatory was pure evil. Masks aren't my line in the sand though, especially since I kind of like their "facial recognition" defeating utility.

The state on one side of me has ended all Corona mandates--the state on the other side of me still has all the silliness in force with no end in sight. But a lot of businesses still demand masks even though they aren't forced to do so anymore. Like the caged bird that doesn't realize the cage is gone.

I never "social distanced" other than staying away from those who were trying to do so. I've done as little as possible to accommodate the Branch Covidians. I have observed and learned from their behavior, and have taken measures to protect myself from their craziness.

I just can't see myself going along with any new orders-- regarding anything-- unless a Blue Line Gang thug is looking at me. Then I might, to avoid being murdered.


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  1. "to avoid being murdered" exactly! Have I ever mentioned I hate cops? lol

    1. All ethical people do (so do some unethical people, but for different reasons).