Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Legislation-- Ideas so "good" they require threats

One difference between me and any statist is that, when I think something is a good idea, I'm not willing to force everyone else to go along. 

I believe almost everyone should own and carry a firearm with them everywhere they go. (Even those who I don't believe should do so shouldn't have anyone forbidding it.) 

However, I would be opposed to legislation forcing people to own and carry a weapon if they don't want to. I am just as opposed to this as I am opposed to legislation limiting who can own and carry a weapon or where weapons are "allowed" to be carried.

For the same reason, I'm in favor of people deciding for themselves, based on informed consent, whether they will take a vaccine or wear a face mask. I am opposed to these decisions being forced on anyone.

The only force I'm in favor of is that used against those who archate-- defensive force is a good thing.

Let the market of ideas work. If your idea is good, let it spread organically, not by mandate. If your idea is so "good" you have to force people to go along, it was never a good idea.


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