Saturday, May 29, 2021

Computer problems damage my calm

I'm in a horrible mood today.

My computer developed a near-fatal problem overnight. It says it can't find a "wireless device" anymore. I am writing this sitting in the hall, connected to an ethernet cable-- completely blocking the hall so no one larger than a cat can pass unless I get out of the way. This isn't going to work for anyone-- except the cats.

I may try to find longer ethernet cables, or connectors so I can make a cable long enough to at least get out of the hall. 

I can post in a limited way from my phone. 

Until/unless I can get this solved, I may be mostly limited to posting "Blips".

This is going to be a huge problem for writing my columns.

If anyone wants to chip in so I can afford more options to fix this, I'd appreciate it (my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so you could just call it a birthday gift). If not, that's fine. I'll survive.

UPDATE: Thanks for the help. I am up and "running" again. (And thanks to scheduling posts ahead, I didn't even miss one this morning!)



  1. Luckily Ethernet cable is pretty cheap - you can get it in 50 and 100 foot rolls. My place uses only wired connections and we have them strung along the upper parts of walls. All the best to you!

    1. Thanks. I'll see what I can find. I'm sure I'll work it out. I'm just aggravated and frustrated... you know how that goes.

  2. You can pick up USB WiFi adapters for anywhere from 15 to 25 bucks. Amazon or maybe even Best Buy if there is one close to you.

    Best of luck

    1. My parents had one that I tried. It didn't work because the computer seems to not understand anymore that there's such a thing as WiFi. But I'm set for now. Thanks.

  3. I had an issue with that once - turned out there was a button somewhere on the keyboard that put the computer in airplane mode. Glad you are up and running again.