Friday, May 07, 2021

You have to pick one or the other

I saw a quote by a right-statist who said "conservatives" want "secure borders and small government". That's so cute, it's hilarious. You can have one or the other, but not both at the same time on the same tax farm.

It's like those left statists who want to get rid of guns with anti-gun legislation and want government-- the same government they admit is a gang of thugs (depending on who they believe is "in charge")-- to enforce "gun control" [sic]... with guns and violence. And they hallucinate that this will save lives! The idiocy is astounding!

Politics makes people stupid and makes them agitate for things that are contradictory; for things that can not coexist.


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  1. Actually, you can't even have the first.

    The US regime gang's turf lines("borders") never have been, are not now, and never will be, "secure."

    With 95,500 miles of US "border" and coastline, if every member of the US armed forces and every local, state, and federal cop was assigned to nothing BUT "border security," 24/7/365, most people who wanted to get in would still get in.

    The only way to reduce immigration is to make America such a shithole that nobody would want to come here. Which, of course, the politicians are working diligently to do. "Securing the border" isn't a real, achievable goal. It's just an excuse for building the police state its advocates want built anyway.