Monday, June 21, 2021

My economic confusion

Does everything economic seem really upside-down or backward to you? It does to me. But I'm no economist; I don't even pretend to be.


The feral government "created", out of nothing, a huge percentage of all the fiat "dollars" that have ever existed just in the last few years. Yet there is no hyperinflation.

The prices of gold and silver seem artificially low. So do the prices of cryptocurrency. Especially considering what seems inevitable with the creation of all those new dollars.

I realize there are financially powerful people who are able to manipulate certain things so they can continue to get richer while you and I don't. Is this all that's happening? What happens when they stop? Will they stop?

Or is it all caused by something else?
Or am I just wrong with my expectations and understanding? 

Is everything upside down, or is it fine? Have we already hit the iceberg but don't realize the ship is taking on water and sinking fast? Or, is there some voodoo that's buoying the ship when there should already be coral growing on the passengers' bones? I don't know. Do you?


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