Thursday, July 15, 2021

Liberty is great, promoting it is hard

To keep promoting liberty is hard work. It's not popular and is mostly thankless (there are greatly appreciated exceptions, though). In the 20 years since I first got online, many of the writers I have paid attention to have stopped writing. Some died, others just vanished. Did they get burned out? Did they say everything they had to say? One, Claire Wolfe, has cut back quite a bit on posting, but I'm glad she's still around. Others who didn't stop writing found more popular bandwagons to hop on.

One actually started advocating communism, maybe he was trolling but if so, I didn't stay around long enough to find out. 

Others got distracted and started promoting Trump or became obsessive anti-Trumpers-- either course made them lose credibility in my eyes and I stopped paying attention. Some went nationalist. Promoting any brand of authoritarianism just isn't going to fly. Yeah, I understand it's pragmatic.

"Social Justice" collectivism seduced a few more. I think that's an easy way for liberty advocates to feel more popular since it can be spun in a way that looks like supporting individual rights, even when it isn't.

But, whatever the reason, when I look back at who I was reading and learning from at the beginning of my online journey, most of them are gone now. Either actually gone, or gone from my sphere. Just like I am gone from the sphere of others who believe I parted ways with them over one issue or another. It happens. Views evolve. 

I have to stay true to myself and my interpretation of liberty. Wherever that takes me. I do a self-evaluation pretty often to see where I stand with regards to individual liberty-- to see if I think I'm going off track, and nudge myself back on course when I need it. Sometimes I get that nudge from others.

It might be nice, in a way, to find something more popular to focus on. I'm sure it would pay better. But I just can't put that much effort into trivial things that I see as passing fads. At least, even though this is hard work, it's worth it to me.


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  1. Burnout is a problem, you're right. The best fix for it in my view is TOLFA, because 100% of the heavy lifting is done by everyone taking part, in very small work packets for each.

    Take the course (see ) and find ONE friend a year to do the same. One. Any extra activity such as writing is then done only for the fun of it.

    1. I need to promote that harder again. I've guided several people through it. I lost one along the way (at least, I think I did because he stopped answering my emails) who had said he was a student at a military academy.

  2. “At least, even though this is hard work, it's worth it to me.”

    It is something I have found of worth as well. It might be unrealistic to think that doing “Isaiah’s job” in 21st century amerika will ever be a profitable or even an economically sustainable activity. But if it has worth to you and sustains your spirit then having it ‘pay the bills’ as well is of lesser importance.