Thursday, August 19, 2021

It's up to you, every day

In the old Twitter thread with the anti-gun bigot I've talked about several times, a pro-gun, but also pro-cop, "conservative" justified his support for police (and legislation) by saying, "I don’t want to have to protect my life & stuff *every* day."

Well, sorry Bub, but that's just how reality works.

Cops aren't there to protect you or your stuff. They are there to make a report after you've been violated and kidnap your violator if your violator happens to fall into their lap. Protecting you or your stuff isn't their "job". It is your job and it always has been and always will be. Always. Your wishful thinking and bootlicking doesn't change it.

In fact, cops steal more than freelance thieves now, and have for several years. Are these really the people you think protect you?

Things like that are why I can't be a "conservative".


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  1. Last night we prevented a robbery by simply being alert, aware, and armed. The police wouldn't have been able to get there in time, even if they'd cared to. Around here you pretty much can't get a cop to arrive without someone being shot or an injury-involved traffic accident. Even if the police wanted to, they wouldn't have the manpower to "protect" everyone.

    I agree with you about reality - and also about your point regarding theft. We protect ourselves, partly through simple vigilance.

    1. Yep. In that same thread the anti-gun bigot posed a scenario where she's putting her groceries in her car and someone sneaks up behind her and grabs her-- she asks how she's supposed to get her gun at that point. I replied that a gun won't help you if you're not situationally aware. It's not magic, it's a tool.

      I'm glad you prevented the robbery. I'm always happy when bad guys are thwarted.