Saturday, August 21, 2021

Supposedly, New Mexico is back to mandating masks indoors. I went to a few stores today and didn't wear a mask, was never asked to put on a mask, and I saw other maskless people (maybe 25%). I think the Branch Covidians are finished.


  1. You know, I was thinking exactly the same thing last night.

    My county re-imposed its mask mandate some time last week. I didn't even notice until my wife mentioned it as we were about to walk into a grocery store.

    But there was no sign up or anything. I walked into the store and at least 25% of people in there weren't wearing masks, nor did anyone say anything to me. That was on Friday.

    On Saturday, we visited two stores.

    One was a thrift store where the owner had ALWAYS made clear that if the county wanted to have a mask mandate, it was the county's job and not his to enforce it. As soon as the last mandate ended, he put up a "masks optional" sign on the door. That sign was still there, there was no county mandate sign, and some people were masked and some weren't (including a mix of employees).

    The other was a convenience store right in the middle of the more ... "state leftist leaning" ... part of Gainesville, where I would expect enthusiastic adoption to be highest. That store DID have a new county government mandate sign on the door. But inside, none of the employees were masked and maybe half the customers were.

    Nobody's marching in the streets or yelling at each other about it in the stores. It's like everyone is pretty much "yeah, whatever, the politicians are gonna say what they're gonna say, and the rest of us are gonna do what we're gonna do.":

    1. That was the other thing- there were no signs on the doors announcing the new mandates, either.

      There was always a number of masked people since the last mandates were canceled. Maybe 5% of the people. So the number of the masked definitely increased, but it didn't look like anyone was being hounded to mask up.