Monday, September 06, 2021


Don't worry. Not me.

A couple of days ago I was sitting in the car, kitten-sitting while everyone else was in the mall, when I heard a loud car-crunching sound. I looked behind me to see a car partially up on the curb, its front corner against a brick wall. 

The parking lot curved around the front of the mall, the driver hadn't curved enough. She drove the passenger side of her car (I hope it was hers) over the curb and into a brick wall that separated a dumpster accessway from the sidewalk. 

I watched as she backed off the curb, turned on her hazard lights, and got out for a walk-around to see the damage. The passenger-side headlight was freed from the shattered grill, the fender and that corner of the hood were crumpled, and lots of debris was falling off the car. She looked at it for a minute, looked resigned and confused, then got back in her car and slowly drove off.

Who knows why she drove into the wall. Surely she was distracted. Texting? Something else?

But, remember that these people are out there. All around you. They will not be responsible, so it is your responsibility to watch for them. 

My mindset when I drive, bike, or walk is that every other car or pedestrian is a wind-up robot with no conscious control whatsoever. Just a mindless object moving randomly and if an accident is to be avoided, it's completely up to me. So far that has served me pretty well.

I'm not saying I can't ever be distracted, but that by making that my default mindset, I've been able to avoid problems most of the time. I know how easy it is to get distracted by something. 

I'm not going to get caught thinking it's someone else's responsibility to not run into me.


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  1. So true! I've been almost run into by so many people. Distracted drivers sometimes, people who thought the size of their vehicle meant they owned the road, older folks who no longer had the ability to drive well, and more. I've only been tagged once though. At a stoplight, by a sixteen year old who was driving her daddy's massive pickup, and her foot slipped off the brake. Literally no way to avoid that one. But I've avoided all the others by watching out for other people cause they sure aren't watching out for me!

    I was taught from day one that a vehicle can be a weapon and I treat it that way.

    -Roh S

    1. Paying attention is important, even if it can't save you every time. One of those killer drones almost got me several years back: link