Monday, October 25, 2021

"That was rude!"

Saturday my daughter and I went to a pet expo over in New Mexico territory. One of the booths was the local city animal shelter. As I passed, they asked if I would sign a petition to have the city "improve" the shelter.

My signature wouldn't have been valid, since I'm not a resident of the state, and I don't think government should be running animal shelters anyway. I've repeated over the years that nothing should be "tax" funded, not even if I like it.

So I said, "No, thanks".

The shocked faces should have been a warning. My daughter tells me that a kid in the booth said "That was rude" as we walked away, and someone else said "Wow!".

I was told by someone in my family that I should have just signed. 

I never claimed to have the best social skills, but I don't like being deceptive. I suppose I could have gotten into a conversation to explain my choice. I could have pointed to the cat my daughter was carrying and told them the story of his rescue, as evidence that I love animals. Would it have made a difference in their opinion of me? Does their opinion matter? 


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  1. All kinds of people will try to manipulate you through emotions. Be true to yourself and you will be fine. you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.

    The fact that they made such staements in your presence makes me think they don't understand the word "rude" or they simply don't care, if they can use it to "get what they want".

    Take care!


  2. Kindness and politeness usually helps make the day easier for others. Unless you enjoy upsetting people for the fun of it. Maybe, "No, thanks. I'm from out of state." You did, of course, send in a good donation for the critter that your daughter took home........ Yah see, lots of groups go with municipal, county or state money because those who benefit can not, or will not, pay the real cost of the service. Just sayin'.

    1. We didn't adopt the cat from them-- it was a freelance rescue. He just went with us to the show. They would have put him down if he'd been in their care because he was a hopeless case when I found him. Four of our cats are cats I rescued, who would have died without my intervention.

      There's a reputable independent (non-governmental) animal rescue group in the area, but even they won't cross state lines to rescue. I know because my sister tried to get their help rescuing a stray a while back and I had tried to get their help on one of the cats I now have. They still do better than the city shelter since they function on donations rather than taxation.

      But I agree-- I could often do better. I never try to be rude, but I know people aren't aware of my internal thought process.

  3. Anyone who believes a reply of "no thanks" to be 'rude' has clearly never encountered actual rudeness before; or, more probably, is just an arrogant ass who resented not having his wishes slavishly conformed to.

  4. a)
    * the child was placed in that role to solicit contributions, the child was coached to speak that line, the child was coached to respond with guilt-inducing histrionics.
    * your opinion of me is none of my business.
    * 'my friend' usually signs petitions with the name 'Richard Nixon'... and grocery award-cards and department-store return-slips.
    That particular friend has a sense of irrelevance.
    * infrequently these days, but people sometimes asked me to donate or contribute.
    After the first time I said:
    "Not my job.",
    I noticed a warmy feeling of freedom.