Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 It's very considerate of the idiots and fans of mass-murder to self identify as such by calling for more anti-gun legislation after an evil idiot (who didn't let legislation or laws get in his way) murders some people in a "gun-free" zone, such as a kinderprison, again. Otherwise how would we know who they are? Idiots.


  1. I am beginning to suspect that the gun-prohibitionists consider "self-defense" as just another aspect of mass murder, so disarming anyone who might kill sort of follows. As such a person defending self or family is no different than a wack "defending" himself from a school full of children. An individual who might kill can not be trusted. They seem to see the potential for murder in everyone. It doesn't help that some of those "irrational" people [that's us] also oppose their "rational" "scientific" concepts for controlling the entire population and bringing their "justice" to all (whether they like it or not).

    1. And the problem is, "anyone who might kill" is everyone. Anyone confronted by an aggressor "might kill" unless they've been so brainwashed to be a victim that they just submit. Killing doesn't equal murder, but they don't want to hear that unless the dead person is someone they want dead. Someone doesn't become an anti=gun bigot by being ethical.