Wednesday, October 27, 2021

All it took was for an outspoken anti-gun bigot to "accidentally" shoot and kill someone (the gun "went off") for all the people who know nothing about guns to start giving their ignorant opinions with grandiosity. I've never heard so much gun ignorance in my life-- and I'm accustomed to hearing a lot of it.

Education must be separate from state

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 27, 2021)

I am a fan of education. If there were such a thing as public education, I'd be a supporter. Unfortunately, what exists instead is "public schooling". By "public", they mean government controlled, and by "schooling" they mean indoctrination. Schooling is not the same as education, but its opposite.

I oppose socialist, tax-funded government indoctrination and the compulsory day-prisons for children where it occurs. It's no wonder socialist and Marxist ideas sneak in to the the rest...


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