Sunday, January 09, 2022

Suspender holster

I've shared my journey to find a good EDC holster, but I haven't shown (or I don't think I have) my backup.

This is a holster I made for my little NAA mini-revolver. It attaches to my suspenders, and is worn under my vest. Cute, ain't it? I guess it could be called a "susPEWnder holster".

I made this one with some salvaged leather, from a paper pattern I created. I think I could now make an even better model since I've worked out the kinks, but I haven't bothered yet. It'll happen when it's time.


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  1. Nice work! It looks good and also looks like it would last about a thousand years, just as a good leather item should. I'm getting into leatherworking a bit myself but I'm in the newbie stages. - Roh

    1. Thanks. Depending on how much use it gets, it can last a long time. I have things I wear daily which are still fine after 20+ years, and seem to have decades more to go. I do clean and oil them, though.