Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Six Minutes of Victim Disarmament

Just in case anyone still, after all these years, thinks it is a good idea to leave guns to the bad people and the badge people only: "By the time officers arrived six minutes later, the shooting was over". That is the only relevant part of the news story about Wednesday afternoon's mall shooting in Omaha. It is the only part that does not ever seem to get inside the brains of the disarmament crowd.

When a crime occurs it is too late to call anyone for help. Cops are NOT legally responsible for protecting you anyway. That fallacy has been disproved in court. YOU are the line between chaos and civilization. It is up to you and you alone. Cops are the vultures who swoop in to feed off of the carnage after it is over, at least in most cases. Most readers of this blog will already understand this at an instinctive level. The rest of society needs to begin to grasp the concept.

I expect another fund-raising email from the "Sarah Brady Mass-Murderer Fan Club" tomorrow. Maybe they will once again want a dollar (or three) for each victim of their policies. Whatever. They will be dancing in the blood one way or another. Just watch.


  1. I was going to ask how long til the slimeballs start begging for money. I give it two days. Tomorrow will be the shrieks of "reasonable regulation" and how Heller is a threat, Friday will be the day for begging for $.

    Also telling is the fact that instead of going to fund mental wards/hospitals that MIGHT "save the children" they waste money attacking those who do NOT commit the crimes.

    I live within 5 minutes (tops) of two police stations. I have guns within 3 seconds reach...when seconds count.

    Think and thank God that these lunatics aren't better shots.

    Sit there with a watch and see just how long 6 actually minutes is. In our inpatient world that is an ETERNITY, and you anti-rights pukes want to create helpless victims. How long does it take someone to bleed to death? What would 6 minutes underwater do to the average person? How about in a building that was on fire? There's no way in hell that you would sit idly by in any of those scenarios, so why in God's name do you want to impose your deranged desire to force the rest of us to sit around and let other and possibly yourself be slaughtered when some madman is running around intent to "go out in style"?

    Until you responsibility shirking subhumans can answer that question honestly and publicly don't you DARE try to the spilling of more innocent blood!

  2. Not to mention, that upon reading a report of the shooting and its aftermath, one runs across statements about the police ordering the huddled ... (I should charitably call them victims) out of their hiding spots with their hands up just like any common criminal. It appears, from a quick read, that the police took all of the victims into custody until they were sure that none of them assisted the shooter. Not to mention, just where do they get probable cause to invade the home of the family that he was staying with? If he was caught "red-handed" and ended up dead, why is that not the end of it? Why do we put up with the abuse by cop?

    Yes, yes I know that it is theoretically possible that the shooter infiltrated the huddled masses after he stopped shooting. However, why would he do such a thing when he had 5 minutes to clear out?