Friday, September 12, 2008

The Upcoming Election Dilemma- Solved

You want "change"? I've got your "change" right here!

I have not been pushing my write-in campaign in order to avoid irritating you. It is time to speak up again. I am still serious in my promises to you.

Voting for the "OBAMcCAIN" creature is wasting your vote. There is no justification for it. Voting for the lesser of 2 (or 3 or..?) evils is wasting your vote. It is quite possible that voting at all is wasting your vote because it endorses a bad system and a terrible idea: tyranny of the majority.

So, what does a principled person with a conscience do?

The best possible way to spend your vote in this rigged game is by using it to send a message.

If you still think voting is a good idea, why would you vote for anyone other than the candidate who believes you know how to run your own life better than anyone else? That can only mean a real libertarian. I trust you to make the right decisions and be a responsible person. Does OBAMcCAIN? Absolutely not!

Why would you vote for someone who fears you enough to try to immorally take your guns out of your hands while in public (you know, where you need them the most)? Instead, if voting is to be worthwhile, vote for the person who has stated that you should be armed at all times if you so choose, including when in his presence. I'll take my chances with true liberty.

Why waste your vote on some joker who thinks other people own your body and are authorized to tell you what to do with it? Instead, if your vote is not to be wasted, vote for the person who knows that no one has the authority to do anything to your body without your permission, nor to prevent you from destroying your own body if that is your choice.

Why waste your vote on someone who might "allow" you to keep "more" of your money instead of recognizing that no one has any right to a cent of your money except for you? If you choose to vote, vote for the one who knows that your property belongs to you alone.

Why waste your vote on a candidate who supports the continued printing of counterfeit money by the Federal Reserve? Instead, vote for a candidate who will insist on a return to real money.

Why waste your vote on a candidate who thinks he and the rest of the Rulers own your personal property and can control "who, what, and why" you allow to be there. Your property is yours and no one else has any claim on it.

Why throw your vote away on some creep who wants to imprison your children for many hours every day, for more than 9 months a year, for 12 or more years, to train them to be good little cogs, all paid for with stolen money ransomed from homes? Your children and their education are your responsibility. You can do a better job... cheaper and without the Pavlovian training to jump at the sound of a bell... than the state. Vote for the person who will fight to free you and your children.

Why waste your vote on someone who believes that it is OK for "society" to tell people who are harming no innocent person that they are being bad and should be kidnapped and imprisoned? If you are harming no innocent person you are free to live your life however you see fit. No matter who is offended by your choices. This is absolutely non-negotiable in a free society.

Don't waste your vote. The only way to truly not waste it is by voting for yourself. I am volunteering to be your proxy. A vote for me is a vote for yourself. I am a true libertarian who acknowledges that you own your own life, and who will help you fight off any attempts to deny you that self-determination.

Write-in voting is inconvenient. The feds will refuse to count the votes. However, if there are enough of them, and they are mostly for one person, they may still refuse to acknowledge the votes, but they won't be able to ignore them. Those votes, if there are enough of them, will scare the "snot" out of them.

I still believe the wisest thing to do on election day is stay home and prepare, or go out and buy ammo. Many people still see value in voting, despite all the evidence to the contrary. If that is the case, please consider voting in self-defense this time.

If you spend your vote on me, and if I were to win, I promise to never cooperate with ANY branch of the federal (or any) government or with ANY federal (or other level) agency. This is the only way to empower liberty: hobble the state. I am the anti-body for authoritarianism. Inoculate the federal government with a dose of me. Or think of me as chemotherapy to fight off the metastasized cancer of government. Either way, I would be much better than the rest of the candidates.



  1. Unless you register as a write-in candidate, people will be literally throwing away their vote if they vote for you. It will not scare the snot out of anyone, no matter how many votes you get. Even if you get a lot of votes, they'll assume it's just a practical joke dreamed up by an internet group like Anonymous, and ignore it altogether.

    So if you really want people to vote for you, as I have told you before, you need to register as a write-in candidate.

  2. And if people vote for OBAMcCAIN they will be literally throwing away their vote AND voting for the current rigged system AND putting their stamp of approval on more of the same.

    There will be millions of write-in votes cast no matter what. They will be randomly distributed among real and fictional characters and, yes, they will be ignored. I am simply proposing a consolidation of those to send a REAL message. I do believe that they would send a message.

    The Constitution does not allow for the existence of the FEC, so why would anyone allow them to set the rules for elections? Just because the precedent has been set?

    You place a lot more confidence in the current system than I do. That is your prerogative. I believe history has shown that substantive change does not occur by allowing the corrupt system to set the rules and referee the game.

    As I have said before, I would really prefer that people refuse to participate in the electoral process. It is a complete sham no matter who is allowed on the ballot. Since some people still think voting is a good idea, I think channelling those votes to me would be helpful.

    Your opinion may, obviously, vary.