Monday, July 20, 2009

'Preventer of government' should be highest office

'Preventer of government' should be highest office

I was reading "Let Me Be King For Just One Year" by Russell D. Longcore in the latest issue of The Libertarian Enterprise. I liked a lot of his ideas, but disagreed with some. Regardless, as often happens, it got my mental wheels turning and grinding. It gave me a thought.

As some of you may know, I ran for president last election cycle. I still think I may have won since I count all the non-voters as a mandate for me to take the office (no more crazy than most of the "mandates" constantly claimed by holders of political office), but the present Usurper-in-Chief wanted the office really badly and I don't feel like fighting his armed minions or his worshipful followers. Plus it's kind of amusing to see him screwing things up so badly so quickly. It's almost like he's trying.

Anyway, back to my better idea; what I really wanted to be, rather than president, was "Preventer of Government". "The stubborn brown line" holding back government from enforcing its violations upon the non-aggressive people in society by confounding every government action at every opportunity. That was pretty much my plan once elected anyway, but I didn't have a title worked out for it.

I would have made it my duty to make sure no "government" was committed against anyone. If responsible people wanted to engage in a little consensual governing behind closed doors, it would be no one else's business, of course. They would just not be allowed to force anyone to join in or comply against their will- without risking the justified consequences of self-defense.

Any "illegal" (actually, just immoral since "laws" are for cowards) attempt to re-establish a coercive government would be dealt with swiftly by the armed free people of America convincing the evil-doers of the error of their ways. Parades would then be privately organized for the heroes. It was all very exciting in my day-dreams.

It was my declared intention to shut down every federal agency, department, and bureau, starting with all the ones which are blatantly unconstitutional (would any be left?), and then continuing with ending those which are Constitutional and immoral. Clearly, that means there would be no external, coercive government left. Just as it should be.

And they lived happily ever after.


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