Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Can 'freedom' be spread?

Can 'freedom' be spread?

One subject of discussion that I run into a lot, and frequently participate in, is how to "spread freedom" or at least make more people interested in it.

While I think it is a good mental exercise, I'm not sure that freedom can be spread on purpose. I think freedom is too individual for that. I think the best you can do is work on increasing your own freedom and let others be inspired- or not- by your life's example.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless you only get your self-worth by how many people you can influence or help. You can not normally help someone who doesn't admit they need help. You are also not likely to influence anyone who is heavily vested in the state, either as a simple parasite or as a "tax-eating" thug. This doesn't mean no one will ever be inspired. Simple chance may put others in your path who think clearly enough to be receptive to your "nutty libertarian" ideas.

I prefer to concentrate more on "What can I do about increasing freedom in my sphere?" It really amazes (and often frustrates) me that people make freedom so much more complicated than it needs to be. You just LIVE IT. Sure, there are going to be some detours along the way, but they can be dealt with. Keep your goal in mind and don't let yourself be waylaid. If for some reason you violate your principles at some point, make it right and do better next time. It isn't the end of the world when a new "law" is passed that violates even more of your rights. People choose to either obey or ignore the "laws" every day; knowing there are always consequences with any choice. I'd prefer to live with consequences of violating counterfeit "laws" rather than to have to live with the consequences of not doing what I know to be right.

If living in freedom helps to spread the desire to others, then civilization gets a little better. If not, you have still gained in your own life. Don't underestimate the value in that.