Sunday, December 20, 2009

Government- controlling and fighting evil?

Government- controlling and fighting evil?

On my latest column there appeared a good, fairly typical comment. Nevada_Jack posted something that a lot of people are thinking; judging by comments I see here and elsewhere. He says:

Question: How do we take control away from a tyrannical government without
embedding ourselves into that system? It would be a wonderful world if we could
peacefully exist without any form of government at all, but is that possible in
this day and age? You may not believe in the Islamic threat, but surely you
can't think that there is no evil on this planet. No, I believe that we must
fight this battle from within the system or risk total anarchy. I for one can no
longer sit and watch our way of life taken away without a fight.

Good question. "Control" should not be the goal, since I have no desire to "control" others and no intention of letting them "control" me. That is the thinking that got us into this mess to begin with. Rule yourself, and deal with those individuals who refuse to "play nice" one person at a time. Remind yourself that "government" is illegitimate and you owe it nothing but contempt. Don't obey anything you wouldn't anyway, regardless of the "law". Live by the ZAP.

Unfortunately, I know from experience that the system is rigged. I have no problem with people choosing to "work within the system" since it validates and justifies what must inevitably come when real change is prevented by that very system. I just know what the real-world results will be and am no longer surprised or disappointed. I just hope it is understood that if they try to violate anyone's rights and destroy liberty in the name of "working within the system", I will view them in the same light as I view government.

Yes, there is real evil in the world. The question is, who is a bigger danger to you or me on a daily basis? Some Islamic goat-herder who lives in a cave thousands of miles away, or a local LEO or congresscritter? I know which one has actually endangered and damaged more people that I personally know. I have never been harmed or even threatened by any Islamic person who didn't hold political office around me. If I were, what is the right way to deal with that: kill a bunch of people who didn't threaten me, or use my basic human right of self-defense to end the threat right then and there?

I never advocate for people to try to exist without any government, just no externally imposed, coercive government. Self-government- self-control- is essential, but doesn't happen consistently where there is externally imposed government. If you put braces on healthy legs, the muscles atrophy, and eventually normal walking is not possible. It is possible today, just as it has always been, to live better without what is typically thought of as "normal" government. In fact, it is not only "possible", it is the only system that has ever worked or ever will.

The risk isn't in "anarchy", since we all live our lives in that condition everyday (unless we have serious issues); it is in "chaos", specifically the slow chaos that results from government intervention in our lives. Those who are the real risk to our way of life need our active opposition to empower them. In other words, they need you to fight them. It is what feeds them and gives them a purpose. And it is how they justify their budget and all the new rights violations they enforce.

I can only speak for myself, but government is not important enough to die opposing. They really don't matter. Instead, ignore them whenever possible; defend yourself when cornered. Withdraw consent and get on with your life, with or without permission.