Friday, December 25, 2009

Economic insurance for the rest of us

Economic insurance for the rest of us

I was reading something recently that recommended that you have at least a year's worth of silver and gold on hand in case of economic collapse. That would be good, obviously. But what if you are like me and are always broke?

You wouldn't need to have so much precious metal on hand if you remember that when the economy starts its downward tumble you need to immediately stop accepting US government paper, "dollars", as payment for anything- goods, time, or services. This may be seen as unsociable behavior by those who try to cling to the dying "system", but it is very important.

Would you work for slips of paper on which I sketch a little doodle and sign my name, saying that it is "legal tender" but not backing it with anything other than your trust? I hope not. The government's counterfeit "dollars" are no better unless people imagine they are better. Once people realize they are being duped, the game is over. Don't be the last one to figure it out.

So, when the inevitable occurs, just make sure that you see "Federal Reserve Notes" as the worthless IOUs they really are and accept nothing other than real money or goods for your pay. Then, any amount of silver or gold you begin with will not be depleted before it can be supplemented. In that way you will protect your own economic future.