Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pitting governments against one another

Pitting governments against one another

As much as I value individual liberty, and probably to a large extent because I value individual liberty, I must admit I enjoy seeing governments fighting one another. I just try to stay out of the way and not get caught in the crossfire.

This is why I support the "state sovereignty" and secession movements, at least in spirit. Even though I owe a "state" no more loyalty than I owe a "nation" (none at all), it amuses me to think of the two governments posturing and fighting.

The same goes for the Firearms Freedom Acts being introduced in various states. I don't expect any state government to actually arrest or kill ATF agents who try to enforce nullified federal gun "laws", but even the empty blustering makes me smile.

Then there are the medical marijuana laws. The DEA's house of cards, burdened with decades of lies and abuses- including murders by the hundreds, continues to get shakier and more transparent with each passing day. For state governments to stop buying the load of bull the federal drug warriors keep trying to sell is a fun thing to witness. Once again I don't expect to see DEA thugs or their local rabid attack dogs punished in any meaningful way by more local governments, but I like to see the friction between various gears of government increasing.

It is even what makes me like certain candidates, even if I don't play the "voting game" anymore. Getting an uncooperative person elected, someone who will cause The State nothing but problems and gridlock, would please me. I like it even better if the person is biased toward liberty rather than toward some form of socialism that the rest of the government tools uncharacteristically dislike.

So, what about it Albuquerque? Are there any more monkey-wrenches lying around that can be thrown in the works? How about some of you pushing for a New Mexico Firearms Freedom Act? Or a "Sovereign New Mexico" movement? Why not increase the demand for medical marijuana?

And, finally, a friend asked me to pass this along- If you still participate in electoral politics and want to help with a campaign, Adam Kokesh is probably the best New Mexico candidate for messing with the status quo, and although his district doesn't quite include Albuquerque, it gets close. Allison Gibbs is working for Adam Kokesh; seeking help getting a thousand signatures for "some ballot difficulty". If you feel so inclined, help her.

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