Thursday, May 27, 2010

Census attempt #2

About an hour and a half ago, while I was filling my daughter's wading pool in the front yard, a car pulled up, stopped, and shut off the engine. A woman got out and made some comment that I didn't quite catch due to the loud sound of the hose spraying into the pool.

I shut off the water, looked up, and she said "Hi, I'm ____ and I'm here for the census."

I simply said "No thanks" and started filling the pool again, ignoring her completely. She stood there for 30 seconds or so (I have no idea if she said anything else or not) before finally getting back in her car and driving away.

I do not consent. Not to be counted or categorized, nor to be governed.


Added: And good luck to them trying to find out any accurate information on me from neighbors. I just moved in to this house at the first of the year, and have barely spoken to any neighbors. I seriously doubt they even know for certain how many people live here, much less anything more compromising.



  1. I've heard of people being threatened with fines or jail if they don't comply with the census... are you saying those threats are empty?