Saturday, August 21, 2010

What 'offends' you?

An Albuquerque local family was offended that they found newspapers with some ads featuring female nudity (some of which was even blurred out) stuffing a piƱata they had bought for their two year-old daughter's party. It wasn't that any of the children noticed the ads- they didn't since the candy filling was all they focused on- just that ... "what if...".

Yeah? What if? Two year olds are not shocked or offended by nudity. They haven't had time to be perverted by culture in that way yet. The "adults" need to act like adults and laugh and get over it. Instead they look at this as an opportunity to be offended and make some weird "moral point".

I happen to be offended by things that "the majority" doesn't find offensive at all, while things the majority does find offensive don't bother me at all. It gives me a different perspective. I'm surrounded by offensive stuff that no one else seems to notice at all. Of course, I would never think of forbidding possession or production of the offensive materials either. It is just the difference between the libertarian and authoritarian mindsets, I suppose.

I think it is more productive to point out the absurdity of accepting as "normal" some of the offensive (and harmful) things our culture accepts. I am offended by mindless support of "law enforcement", and by "flag-waving" support of military invasions and occupations by the US government's hired thugs. I am offended by the punishmentality that has infected our society. I am offended by the view that I don't have the right to defend myself from attack unless I beg permission first. I am offended by the delusion that every problem can be solved if only "the right law" is passed or enforced. Yet, these views surround us in society today.

It's a matter of real harm versus imaginary "what ifs", and the authoritarian side- the wrong side- is offensive to me. I know that it would be pointless to make an issue every time something offends me since everyone who is not offended by it would think I was being silly. Just as I do when others are offended by unimportant things. Like newspaper ad nudity.

For example: An Albuquerque eye doctor has fallen victim to government thuggery in a case that is offensive to me from multiple angles. Harming people "for their own good" is disgusting and very offensive to me.


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