Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bureaucrats are stupid

Bureaucrats are stupid

Almost every inmate of public schools has been either the victim of a bully, or was a bully. I know I was victimized more than once. And when I had the gall to fight back, I was taught by the school that it was just as wrong to defend myself as to do the attacking. After this lesson, I carried a large hunting knife with me at school (which I was smart enough to never mention or show). If I was going to be in trouble for defending myself anyway, I was going to make sure I gave the authorities a reason to punish me if I were attacked again. Unintended consequences.

So, now the brilliant minds (cough cough) at Albuquerque Public Schools have decided a website is the way to address bullying. Idiots. I'm sure their "information" and advice of "who to call" will make all the difference. Don't encourage people to stand up for themselves, but to be dependent on someone else to solve their problems. We see how well this dependency and weakness works in other areas of life, right?

The only way to end bullying is to end the disparity in strength. Bullies do not listen to rational reasons they should be nice. They only understand a target that is able to end the attack. Either through determination and confidence or by striking back when struck, effectively and decisively. In many cases, this means the intended victim needs weapons. Either tools or training to end the attack. Sharp #2 pencils, long and new, can be good self defense tools and don't trigger metal detectors if your school has given up all pretense that it isn't a prison. Never forget that no matter where you may be, the world is completely filled with things that make wonderful improvised weaponry. It is not possible for the anti-human control freaks to remove them all. Of course, this doesn't fit in with the social nannies who want everything all warm and fuzzy and based on the philosophy of "you both share the blame, now hug and make up".

A website will solve nothing if it doesn't address the reality of the situation. And coming from the bubble-wrapped collectivists of "public education" I expect nothing less than undiluted stupidity.

Get government OUT of education:



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