Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Your 'right of association'

Your 'right of association'

You have an absolute human right to choose who is allowed to be around you, do business with you, or impose themselves on you. This is another of those basic, fundamental human rights that is violated all the time by government.

Everyone has the right to associate with whoever they choose, for any reason- or for no reason at all. If you discriminate for poor reasons you may make a few enemies. If you do not wish to associate with people of certain races, religions, political persuasions, sexual orientation, or whatever else, then no one has the right to demand that you do so. Of course, if you discriminate based upon ignorant prejudices, other people can choose to refuse to deal with you, too. Even if you have good reasons for your choices, some will take issue with your decision. In this, as in every other choice you make, there will be consequences.

This right does not mean you can follow a person around, into their own territory or where they otherwise have a right to be, and then complain that you are being "forced" to be around them.

Just a few days ago I exercised this right by throwing a constant trouble-maker off my property. For about a year she has been causing trouble (including an incident about a week earlier), and I am not even her primary target; she thinks she can get to her target through me, but I do not play the "drama game". Six months ago, when she followed me and my daughter around the park, screaming at me because I wouldn't force her target to alter her behavior, I told her in very clear language to stay completely away from my daughter and me. Yet, she did not heed the "request" and showed up in the company of another person (who was invited) a few days ago. I asserted my right of association and stopped her from trespassing. I was berated and called the bad guy for exercising my right. That is fine.

Government spends a lot of money and propaganda trying to convince you that you have no right of association, and finding ways to punish people who do not buy the lie. Perhaps that is because government wishes to impose itself and its "human tools" into your private life and doesn't want you to realize you have the higher authority to say "no!".

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