Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shun the scanner cult

Shun the scanner cult

Guess what. If I would be forced to pass through any sort of "security" scanner, from a simple metal detector to a full-blown Pedophile-O-Vision, I will not do business with you. I do not believe in your "security" cult, and I don't trust those who do not trust their customers. I certainly don't have enough self-loathing to do business with those who have open contempt for their customers, or in the case of government, fear and contempt for those they are coercing to associate with them.

I know that the only path to real security is a universally-armed populace, and that anything less only helps those who wish to harm the innocent: in other words these "security" scanners enable government and terrorists and all other murderous rapists (sorry for the redundancy). The bad guys will always find a way around such measures, through official "only one" status, bribes, or just innovative thinking and new weaponry. Always.

If you operate one of those machines for your employer you are working to ensure success for the bad guys and you should stop now if you have any principles that are worth living up to. Yes, it means you will need to find an ethical way to earn money in a governmentally-damaged economy, but sometimes to do the right thing is hard and a little painful. It is still the right thing to do.

Any sort of "security" scanner should be seen as a gigantic warning sign saying "Keep Out!" and you should heed it for your own good. After all, those who own the scanners will not rush to save you when "the system" inevitably fails. Have respect for yourself and walk away from the scanners. Starve those who use them.