Monday, February 08, 2010

The illegality of cars and the re-birth of freedom

The illegality of cars and the re-birth of freedom

I'll let you in on a secret you may not be aware of: cars are illegal in America. Don't believe me? Then just try driving around Albuquerque, or any other populated area, in a car and see what happens when you are found to be in possession of that car. Not a "licensed and registered car", but just a car. Even if you pay the State all the demanded fees, simply being in possession of a car is an excuse to be stopped and searched by enforcers at any time without any warning. Anything as heavily regulated as a car can not honestly be considered "legal" anymore.

Most people are complacent in their ignorance. They may grumble a little bit about all the fees that are extorted from them yearly for the "privilege" of "owning" a car, but they fail to see that the situation illustrates a harsh truth. They don't want to see it because it would mean that their freedom has been destroyed and their rights have been violated by a government that is their mortal enemy. A government that far too many see as a "necessary evil" or even as a friendly father-figure.

I used to think that people would finally rebel when guns are outlawed, yet the realization that they have allowed their transportation to be outlawed, except within narrow boundaries and at the cost of thousands of dollars a year in governmental extortion, and done nothing makes me realize people will tolerate anything if it is presented to them dishonestly enough. This realization has had a positive effect on me.

It is up to individuals, who will be painted as "sociopathic cranks", to live their own liberty in any way they can. I read a question just the other day that keeps sticking in my mind: "What happens if millions of people just took off their license plates one day?" I don't know, but Liberty in America depends on something like that happening very soon.

You may think the current economic situation is grim, and it is more grim than people know if they listen to government hacks, yet unless a great many more people get serious about asserting Liberty, in spite of, and in open defiance of, government at all levels, the coming dark ages of tyranny will completely overshadow the economic collapse. You have been warned. Now what will you do?

This is a time of great opportunity for those who are willing to face the facts and then roll up their sleeves and get dirty to build a more free future for themselves.