Friday, February 12, 2010

LEOs and the Zero Aggression Principle

LEOs and the Zero Aggression Principle

"Zero Aggression Principle...good luck with that"

That was a comment that was posted on the local newspaper's website in response to an earlier comment I had made stating that because I adhere to the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP), and because I will not lower myself to live on welfare, I would never consider being a modern LEO.

It just shows how incredibly stupid some people are. I don't need "good luck" with abiding by the ZAP because it always works, in real life, in the real situations that present themselves. The commenter obviously had no clue what I was even talking about (and the comments don't allow links), nor did he bother to do any research at all to find out.

These are the people we are surrounded by, and yet the ZAP still works in the face of such blatant ignorance and hostility. That shows its strength.

Every single day the news is full of LEOs in Albuquerque doing things we all know to be wrong when done by you or me, but mostly excused and justified when done by cops. When you consider the whole country, the number of examples are overwhelming. That is downright disgusting and positively delusional.

This brings up the question: Can you be a LEO and live by the ZAP? Enforcing "laws" that attempt to regulate or control anything other than actual aggression, theft, or fraud is a violation of the ZAP. I would not enforce such "laws" no matter what, so I would not last long as a LEO. I will not accept stolen money as payment for goods or "services" unless I had no clue the money was stolen, so that eliminates the option of any job that is funded by taxation.

Are there any ZAP-compliant options? I have stated in the past that I would accept a job as a real old-style sheriff- in other words just there to keep aggressors at bay and (mainly) to keep the feds and other LEOs away from the peaceable people who hired me, and make certain no counterfeit "laws" are enforced against anyone I worked for... as long as I was only paid with voluntary and anonymous contributions. Could I do such a job without violating my principles? I think so, but as soon as it became apparent I could not, I would resign. All LEOs should have the integrity to do the same.