Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ron Paul shows 'the system' is broken

Ron Paul shows 'the system' is broken

Dr. Ron Paul is the only decent person in congress, or in any of the three branches of the fe(de)ral government for that matter. That isn't to say he is right on every issue; he's not. He is also irrefutable proof that "the system" does not work.

You can't convince me that his district in Texas is the most "libertarian" district in the nation, yet even with his largely libertarian stance he keeps getting re-elected.

Nor is he the most libertarian candidate who has run for national office. The others can't seem to get elected. I seriously doubt he is just the perfect "balance" of libertarian and authoritarian that "the voters" prefer. If he ran for office anywhere else in the country, such as in Albuquerque, especially against the local incumbent, I doubt he could win. This is the negative chaos that I have spoken out against that comes from allowing a government to exist.

I'm not saying it is bad that Dr. Paul got elected, I am just saying it shows a flaw in "the system". In the swamp of "red state/blue state" nonsense, there is no "gold (libertarian) state" where someone who rejects the authoritarian status quo can expect to win office, yet he did. The system is broken beyond redemption.

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