Tuesday, March 02, 2010

'Only Ones' hate competition

'Only Ones' hate competition

An Albuquerque man learned a valuable lesson: Don't be a fake cop because the "real" cops don't like the competition.

He got caught when he ordered police equipment and then didn't pay for it. This is of no ethical difference than what "real cops" do, except they (or their departments) use stolen money to "pay for" the tools they use. It simply moves the theft to a slightly different step of the process. How is that "better"?

The man is a thief, that much seems clear, however I hear no implications that he kicked in any doors in the middle of the night, nor that he electrocuted anyone for not showing him "proper respect", nor that he extorted any money from people for consensual acts. I have heard nothing to indicate that he wants people to be shot dead for exercising their basic human rights. All in all, that puts him in a position of ethical superiority to most LEOs. So, who is the real danger to "public safety"?

The official LEOs have a nice racket going on. They get to spend money that is not theirs to spend, on tools that are forbidden to the rest of us, and then they get to be the Only Ones and have fun enforcing "laws" no decent person would ever consider legitimate. "Laws" that violate their oath and violate their one true duty to protect the rights of the individual, whether the threat comes from a freelance thug or from government. There is no other reason to permit a "police department" to exist.

What I completely fail to understand is why anyone would choose to pretend to be a LEO. Were all the prime gang-wannabe positions already filled?

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