Monday, March 15, 2010

Overcoming a prejudice- better late than never

Overcoming a prejudice- better late than never

One mental stumbling block that took me a long time to get past was being concerned when someone was known to be a "convicted criminal". I know it is stupid, and even back then I intellectually understood that most "crimes" are not actually wrong, plus being "convicted" of something isn't even very good proof that you really did it. Still, the brainwashing was powerful and hard to shake.

I was finally able to get past this blockage several years ago. Now I don't care if someone has been convicted of a "crime". I only care if they really did something that is actually wrong, not just "illegal".

Of course, I have known people who had been convicted of various things which are flat-out wrong. Things like aggression and theft. Some of these people didn't even deny doing the bad things. They simply have no principles that allow them to see that doing these things is wrong. Or they think circumstances excuse them. They are wrong. I still have prejudices against this type of person.

Even worse are those who I know to be engaged in committing acts of aggression, fraud, and theft with the approval of the State. Many of these are employed by the State itself, although some just pretend to be since they idolize the "occupational parasites".

As if you need reminders of why it is necessary and smart to stay alert and armed at all times, a "man" from Albuquerque drove all the way to Oklahoma City to attack his wife (who apparently had good reason to leave this jealous psychopath) and set her on fire in front of their three children. You don't know how much I'd prefer reading that she had shot and killed this rabid monster as soon as he entered her home. But, alas, it was not to be. This tragedy is your learning opportunity. Use it.