Monday, March 22, 2010

Pursuit of happiness

Pursuit of happiness

What is it you want most from life? Can you get it without hurting (which includes defrauding and stealing from) other people? If you can, what is stopping you? What conditions would allow you to achieve your desire? In what sort of society would you be most likely to reach that which you want most?

I'd be willing to bet that as long as your innermost desires do not involve hurting anyone else, the only things really standing in the way are connected in some way to government. Either "laws" that prevent you from doing what you want, or "laws" that allow someone else to block your personal dreams. Remember that corporations are the "third leg" of government, and are often used with that function in mind.

I think this may be part of the origin of the hatred and bitterness so common to statists. But their bile is misdirected. They can not admit or face that they have been wrong all along, so their venom is hurled at those who show them how they could have what it is they need if only they would take responsibility for themselves. Be patient and some of them will eventually stop fanging themselves in frustration. Some may even finally allow themselves to be happy.

In Albuquerque news, the state has given authority to the Bernalillo County Fire Department to operate ambulance services east of the city. Who gave the state the authority to give authority? Why is there a need for better services in this area? Probably it has something to do with government "granting" or withholding permission (through red tape, regulations, and "licensing") to companies who are willing to provide the service. In other words the market is being interfered with "for our protection" and is creating a shortage. Then, into this governmentally-created crisis, SuperState swoops in to "save" the day. It's the same old story, time after time.