Monday, May 03, 2010

Arizona 'law' generates Albuquerque protest

Arizona 'law' generates Albuquerque protest

There was a protest, Saturday, in Albuquerque spurred by Arizona's new immigration "law".
The new "law" is wrong and is an abomination. The Constitution doesn't authorize immigration control. The only thing it mentions that could be construed as controlling immigration actually probably refers to importing slaves, and it passes that particular buck onto the states.

However, this is not a Tenth Amendment issue either, since anything that violates a human right is a counterfeit "law" that has no foundation in legitimacy, whether "authorized" in the Constitution or not.

Nor is this about "trespassing"; you can bar anyone from crossing your property for any reason (unless they happen to be government-sanctioned trespassers out to rob or kill you). The government has no legitimate authority over your property concerning whom you allow on it or bar from it. The government does not legitimately own any property since it owns nothing it did not steal or buy with stolen money. A thief does not own the stolen property he possesses- regardless of his claims to the contrary.

Wrong is wrong. Stop allowing the state, in any of its manifestations, to criminalize self-defense and defense of property. End welfare. ALL welfare. End the stupid and evil War on (some) Drugs. Do all this and there is no more "illegal immigration" issue, unless your issue is racism, in which case there's nothing I can say to cure that.

If you excuse or ignore Constitutional violations and rights violations you happen to like, then who will stand up for you during Constitutional and/or rights violations you don't like, and which may target you personally?