Saturday, May 15, 2010

Albuquerque woman fears for her daughter's safety

Albuquerque woman fears for her daughter's safety

An Albuquerque woman is afraid for the safety of her daughter. She fears the outcome of a murder trial. Her case may be unusual, due to her making really bad choices of acquaintances in the past, but all parents should keep the safety of their children in mind at all times, extraordinary circumstances or not.

I doubt this anonymous woman will read these words, but if she does, or if a caring friend of hers happens across this column, I have some advice for her.

It is not the government's responsibility, not even a police officer's responsibility, to protect you or your children. Court cases prove this fact over and over. Relying on any employee of any government to protect you will leave you vulnerable. Or dead. If you have reason to believe your child may be in danger, and you do not take action personally and with grave determination, how will you feel if something happens? Will you be satisfied if the attacker is arrested? Me neither.

Your child's safety is your responsibility. If you think your child is in danger from anyone, and even if you have no reason to suspect any unusual danger, it is your responsibility to make sure you are prepared, physically and mentally, to protect your child.

This means get the most effective self-defense tool available no matter what stands in your way, learn how to use it properly, make up your mind that you will not hesitate to strike back with it in a crisis, and make sure you never leave it behind for any reason. Any reason. If a particular place does not trust you with the best tools for self defense, you are wise to not go there. Period.

This responsibility means teaching your child developmentally-appropriate self-defensive lessons. Lessons they will need even if your fears turn out to be groundless.

This responsibility even means moving to a new area if you find it impossible to protect your child adequately where you currently reside. No price or inconvenience is "too high". Regrets can never be fixed; only avoided. Make up your mind now, before it is too late.