Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love liberty

I love liberty

Why do I care about liberty? Why do I want it for you just as much as I want it for myself? Because I LOVE liberty, not only for myself, but for everyone. Even if it is inconvenient to me for others to have it. I would rather see my worst enemy living a life of liberty than being "controlled" by the state. Is this crazy? No. It is consistent.

Anything that impacts my enemy's liberty will be just as bad for mine in the long-run. I'd prefer to take my chances in a free society, taking responsibility for my own life, than have empty guarantees from a government that "only" demands I give up "little bits" of my liberty that I'll "probably never miss" anyway.

I want everyone to be able to enjoy liberty- the freedom to exercise all their rights- to the fullest extent they can. Right up to where their rights end and someone else's identical individual rights begin. Think of the potential society is destroying by placing thugs with government guns and a "legal" monopoly to use them, at all the gateways that lead to innovation and real progress.
Liberty leads to better life. Not safer in every case, but better. Fuller, richer, more meaningful. Wider horizons and brighter colors. The sky doesn't even begin to be the limit.

If that life isn't for you, what are your options? Where will you go in a free society? Liberty even makes room for those too afraid of the real world to live "free"; they can choose to have their choices limited by a voluntary arrangement. A "daycare" for people who refuse to accept their responsibilities. You can avoid all contact with the rest of the world so you can be just as safe as you are now if that is your choice. Even safer, in all probability, since you and all your neighbors will be scanned, tagged, watched, and tracked from the moment you sign up.

That's not for me, but it is not my place to tell you how to live. This is why I write about liberty- complete, whole, full liberty. Exceptions destroy liberty for everyone, one piece at a time. I don't buy into the watered-down versions extolled by "conservatives", "progressives", or even some "Libertarians". Liberty is liberty, and if weakened or restricted in any way, it is no longer liberty, but something smaller. Less.

If you are afraid of liberty, or if you don't like it fully-expressed for some reason, that is your business. But don't pretend you are advocating liberty or libertarianism while making excuses for placing limits on the liberty of others. It just doesn't work that way. Liberty is an all-or-nothing proposition. Ending only where you have no right to tread.

In Albuquerque news, some tennis players have let their bladders do the talking. Unhappy that Sister Cities Park has no restroom facilities, they allowed themselves get "caught" urinating at the park anyway, to bring attention to their distress. The city spokescritter says they didn't have to go this far; all they had to do was call. Why do I suspect that had already been tried without result?

Just another demonstration that governments can't manage what they claim to own. A privately-owned park would have probably addressed the issue before it came to this. I'm also surprised the urinators were not charged with sex crimes and placed on the "sex offender" list. It has happened before.

Examiner advice request

My Examiner columns have been doing very poorly recently. I'm getting only a fraction of the page views I was getting just a few weeks ago (not counting the "troll attention"). That impacts my motivation to invest the time to write, which may cause a self-destructive feedback loop.

So, I need to ask if I am getting off-track or not touching on subjects that are interesting. Any suggestions (that will keep me within the guidelines Examiner.com) will be considered.