Friday, May 28, 2010

Why cooperate with The State?

Why cooperate with The State?

Why do so many people automatically cooperate with the State? In most cases it is so easy to ignore. So why sell out and cooperate?

Is the cooperation due to actual consent? Are the cooperators hungry for approval from their Rulers? Is it fear? Or, are people ignorant of their true value to the State? Their value as a slave. (If you haven't already watched this video, please do.)

My first instinct when confronted with an edict is to ignore it. In fact cooperation doesn't usually occur to me until the threats are made. Then I become irritated or angry. Any cooperation the State forces me into is tainted and superficial. Any information they get is intentionally contaminated with debris.

Yet, so many people I know don't even think of the freedom-respecting option unless it is pointed out to them, and then they fear it and resent those who do not cooperate. They immediately hide behind things like "You have to obey! What if 'X'?" So, in these cases it is not consent, it is fear of coercive, aggressive actions on the part of the thugs of the State. The State still interprets this obedience as "consent" for its purposes, though. That makes it all the more important to refuse to cooperate even if you are afraid. If you can't resist now, when it is easy, what will you do when the cost is higher?

In Albuquerque news-

Here on Examiner I saw an ad for a gubernatorial candidate. A quote at the bottom stood out and intrigued me. It said:

"Together, we can make New Mexico safe, prosperous, and free of corruption."

Sounds like a threat against all politicians in the state to me, since there is no way to achieve that goal while any politicians exist or hold office. I wonder if she is being watched as a potential domestic terrorist threat? Her statement is at least as threatening as any I have heard from anyone else. Or, maybe she is lying and has no intentions of following through.

I would bet, though, that this is an attempt to gain followers who believe that while the current crop of statist scoundrels are making individuals in the state less safe, less prosperous, and subject to all forms of political corruption, a new crop of scoundrels would be totally different.
Yeah, right! Sounds like a Tea Party delusion.

So I watched her video. Sadly she just another Republican, so, more of the same. And she is/was a prosecutor; a tool of the State. Fully part of the establishment and a system insider.
She claims "law enforcement" hails her by saying "no tougher prosecutor on DWI". That all adds up to mean one thing: she is already corrupt.

So, her quote in the ads is nothing more than another Obama saying he would close Gitmo and get US invaders, "troops", out of wherever he promised to get them out of. Sorry, Gubernatorial Hopeful. Smart people don't fall for that anymore. Voting is consent. Withdraw consent, or agree to more of the same.