Saturday, May 29, 2010

Candidates compete for your attention with buffoonery

Candidates compete for your attention with buffoonery

Just in case you still think "democracy" is anything other than a three-ring circus, and the candidates anything other than clowns, with the voters being the suckers who are "born every minute" to be deceived and defrauded, here's a little slap to your sleeping brain: two candidates for the office of sheriff, one being the current officeholder, meet in downtown Albuquerque to.. to... I don't even know what to call this mutual stunt.

OK, so actually the current sheriff didn't personally show up; he just sent his familiars to do his clowning. It doesn't really change the nature of the stunt. The puppet master is still controlling the puppets.

Of course, in a free society there would be no such thing as a "speeding ticket" enforced by government. The roads would be privately owned and any violations of the mutually-agreed upon rules would be settled in arbitration, and probably, in most cases, no harm- no problem. In fact, I would say that any road owner who didn't abide by that would lose business to more reasonable road owners.

It is amazing how many opportunities exist to illustrate the stupidity of government at all levels. It really is a bountiful potluck.