Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't wait for a 'free society' to enjoy your liberty

Don't wait for a 'free society' to enjoy your liberty

A lot of people talk about what they would do if we lived in a truly free society. Why wait?

Go ahead- live as though you already live in a free society. I suspect we have more liberty than we think we do. Fear and "what ifs" (and propaganda from the Rulers) keep us from exercising it.

No matter what, there will always be bad guys trying to take away your liberty. It just so happens that during this period in history, the worst of those bad guys work for governments. But make no mistake, when they are gone there will still be someone trying to control you. Granted, the replacements won't even have the current thugs' false claim of legitimacy, but there will still be some foolish people who support the bad guys no matter what.

If you wait for others to allow you your liberty, you will never experience it. So, live free, within your rights, and sneak around when you are forced by circumstance to do so. Just like you would if there were no government, but rather a nasty, thuggish neighbor who you dared not eliminate for whatever reason. The situation is really no different.

An Albuquerque resident dealt with the census snoops in a potentially deadly way: she called other members of the census worker's gang to come to her home. When confronted by a gang member, why on earth would you call in backup from the attacker's own gang? Or, perhaps this resident doesn't realize who she is dealing with. There are better ways to deal with trespassing snoops who are doing the bidding of their federal masters. There is no situation so bad that it can't get much, much worse by calling the cops. Don't fall for the temptation.