Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recruiting for liberty

Recruiting for liberty

The best recruiter for anarchy is government.

During the Bush years it seemed "liberals" were easier to reach with the message that The State is not the way. Right now I find the most receptive ears and minds among "conservatives" due to them actually paying attention since Obama, the Prince of The Other Side, is in office. I'm not talking about the Tea Party folks, but people who actually become aware of the way "things" are. Although, some of those may come from the ranks of the Tea Partiers- if they think independently rather than just listen to what is being preached- I find most to be in absolute denial about the root of the problem. "Conservatism" (tyranny of right-authoritarianism) is not the solution, any more than is "progressivism" (tyranny of left-authoritarianism). No, the solution is to get your head out of dark, tight spots and look around.

People seem to sleep when they believe "their side" is in power. They don't notice that the evils that are done by "their side" are identical to what their enemies do when in office that gets them up-in-arms.

What I notice is that generally once you do reach someone they stay aware even once their former side is back in power. It really is like "taking the red pill". You can't go back; at least not without a conscious effort to deceive yourself. I don't personally know any former "liberals" who woke up during the Bush era who then went back to being "liberals" once Obama was coronated, and I am holding out hope that the same will hold true for the "conservatives" who are waking up now.

The next-best recruiters are those of us who have realized we don't need no stinkin' State, and can communicate why.

Based on past experience, I believe I can convert just about anyone to libertarianism, if not anarchism- if they are rational, honest, and consistent. The only ones who I can't seem to convince are those who at some stage reach the point of "I don't care what the facts are; I'm going to believe what I believe!" These are the ones who make their assertions, and instead of just saying this is what they believe, they demand I agree with them and overlook their inconsistencies. They insist that 2+2=7 just because, in this case, it would be so nice or useful if it did. They claim coercion or aggression, when done by agents of a duly-elected government, is OK because they can't see any other way to accomplish something they really want done. When I don't agree, they run away. Often after flinging their virtual waste products in my general direction. Such is life.

Why would Albuquerque LEOs "need" a helicopter? If you guessed "to break up underage parties", you win the prize. The sheriff's department, when not clowning around (and wasting your money) with other candidates for the sheriff's job, apparently thinks this is a good way to waste a lot of YOUR money.