Friday, June 04, 2010

The Jonah temptation

The Jonah temptation

Law pollution and the metastasizing growth of coercive government is wrecking civilization. The "funny" thing is that statists assert that their way is the only way to save civilization- as they destroy it. Current events and the lens of history do not bear out their claims.

Part of me just wants to sit down and shut up and simply watch civilization crumble before my eyes, while shielding myself and my loved-ones from the worst of the disaster. It is not my fault that people choose to listen to the authoritarians and allow themselves to be led to the slaughter. Civilization is nice, but not necessary. I can take care of myself just as well either way. The challenges will be a little different, but they will not necessarily be worse.

Another part of me says that course would be selfish. That part of me wants to warn as many people as I can, and try to get many of them to realize that they do not need government, at any level beyond the self, to make them be good people and to help them interact with others peaceably. If enough people listen the course of events can be changed in time. Maybe.

Unless government is eliminated, and soon, civilization is doomed in the short-term. Yes, it will come back, but it will take many human life-spans to recover. We can either sit and watch it happen, or we can work to educate those around us and work together to prevent the crisis by striking at the root cause. I do not consent to be governed. How about you?


Thieves in Albuquerque are stealing storm drain grates for scrap metal. The question arises, how does the city know the thief's "tax money" didn't pay for the grate he took? This is the problem with stealing money to pay for government things- you lose the ethical high-ground when someone takes something back. I don't recommend taking storm grates since you would be putting innocent, oblivious people at risk of falling down the hole, but the "crime" committed here isn't theft.