Friday, June 25, 2010

Who kills your freedom?

Who kills your freedom?

Do you know why I am not obsessed over government and its war on liberty? Because government can't force you to do, or not do, anything unless one of its agents is holding a gun on you right now. And government does not have enough thugs or guns to control us all. It relies on "governing" you in most cases. Only you can consent to be governed- or not.

Government is not stopping you from being free. Only you can do that to yourself. Government may raise the costs, and may put every stumbling block possible in your way. It will threaten you if you dare take responsibility for your own life, against its wishes and "laws". You can choose to express your liberty anyway. Do it in secret today in order to become more skilled for tomorrow. Remember: you and I are already federal "felons", whether we intended to be or not; we might as well make the most of our outlawry.

If you are not willing to live free, within your rights, with a meddling government looking over your shoulder today, how do you expect to live free when the crow-picked corpses of those petty officials are decorating lampposts everywhere, but freelance thugs have replaced them?
Someone will always want to prevent you from enjoying your liberty. Bad people like these will always exist. Get used to dealing with them.

If you can't get away with "open carry", carry concealed and do your best to not get caught- or grovel for a permit and allow some thug to act as though your right is a privilege. If you feel you "must" have licenses and permits for driving, building, conducting business, or whatever right the State decides to violate tomorrow, get a little dyslexia or dyscalculia when filling out forms begging government to allow you to live within your rights. If you wish to enjoy prohibited pleasures, learn how to not "look guilty", because you are doing nothing wrong and have no cause to feel guilty. And learn to avoid or ignore those tools of the State, wherever you find them, who would gleefully throw you to the wolves.
Start today. There will never be a better time.

Federal anti-gun agents in Albuquerque are looking for a nineteen year-old suspect who eluded them after they completed their scam. "Firearms" and "drugs" are not under the authority of any government control, according to the Constitution and, more importantly, the principles of liberty. Yet, these are about the only "crimes" mentioned as justification for the planned kidnapping. Actually, some of the guns the Feds "purchased" are said to have been stolen, and those guns should be returned to their proper owners immediately. However, the Feds, by putting out the word they were in the market for the guns, are accomplices in the thefts and they should be held individually accountable. I'm not holding my breath. But, I will remember.