Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Declaration of Independence vs. the Declaration of Dependence

The Declaration of Independence vs. the Declaration of Dependence

Happy Independence Day!

Back in 1776 some fairly radical folks wrote a good document that told a meddling, overbearing government where to stick it. We call that document "The Declaration of Independence". Then, they backed up their words with guns to get the point across clearly enough that statism-addled brains would understand. Their secession succeeded. So far, so good. But...

Just a few short years later they took back everything they said with the Constitution- or as it might more honestly be called- "The Declaration of Dependence". Or, maybe "The Anti-Declaration of Independence".

The Declaration of Independence's points still apply today, and the abuses of the government that resulted from the Constitution are now much worse than those that led to the original Declaration and secession ("The American Revolution").

So, go out and celebrate liberty on this Independence Day 2010, but keep in mind that doing so will probably make you a "criminal". Just like those hardened criminals who, in blatant violation of the ruling government's "laws", wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Enjoy your scaled-back, government-sponsored, "tax" financed, officially licensed, with explosives and freedoms prohibited to you and me, Albuquerque fireworks show. Sad how "liberty" and "independence" have been outlawed unless you celebrate them in a government-approved way, isn't it.