Monday, July 19, 2010

A new weapon in the war on liberty

A new weapon in the war on liberty

You have probably noticed the fetish LEOs have for flashlights. It is more serious than you thought. Now that flashlight could also be secretly recording everything you say and do. The first place in the Albuquerque area that these privacy-invasion wands have been admitted to being used is with the Rio Rancho Police Department.

Cops are always anxious to spy on you and me, yet, as has been seen in so many places in so many ways, if you take video of cops, they will often "arrest" you. Or worse. Many people across the country have been charged with "wiretapping" when recording the misdeeds of cops.
Sometimes the charges are dropped and replaced with some other lie if the cops realize they can't get away with the original bogus charge. Just look at the case of George Donnelly for confirmation. If it is wrong for us to do to them, it is wrong for them to do to us.

Besides, cops, like all government employees and agents, are supposed to be our servants- we outrank them and they seem to have forgotten that fact. The most pathetic drunk passed out in the gutter outranks the biggest swaggering cop on the force. By leaps and bounds.

I wonder, if a cop records something inside your car, when you did not consent to a search, isn't that illegal? Not that I expect government to abide by the laws that limit it (while it demands you and me to obey the "laws" that it imposes on us).

I recommend following the link to the KOB TV story and learn to recognize these new tools of tyranny. Just in case one is ever aimed at you. I wish to thank KOB for exposing this secret weapon in the State's war against liberty.