Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Climate change hysteria and 'fixes' cause harm

Climate change hysteria and 'fixes' cause harm

One common justification for the "climate change" hysteria, is that even if the climate change believers turn out to be wrong; either that there is climate change, or that it is caused by human activities, there is little harm in taking the prescribed corrective measures. Bunk!

Little harm? The "solution" for "anthropogenic global climate change" (AGCC), demanded by the collectivists who falsely call themselves "environmentalists", destroys the ability of regular people to earn a living. It puts the world's very worst polluters, governments, in charge of telling everyone else how to live, and punishing those who disobey. It does worse than sending humanity back to the stone age, since at least back then they had fire with which to cook food, light the dark, and heat themselves. It sets up a new caste system, where the politically powerful, rich, and/or connected get to maintain a modern lifestyle, while "the little people" are expected to sacrifice most of the advances of the past several hundred years for "the common good", while still being expected to not be as "messy" as our forebears. It also terrifies some people much like the "nuclear annihilation" threat of an earlier generation did. That is an awful lot of harm.

Modern society is remarkably clean. Only government deals and favoritism (corporatism) keep the big polluters (BP) from taking full individual responsibility, and making full restitution, for their mistakes and misdeeds. The modern individual leaves less mess behind than the primitive individual did. It is just that there are an awful lot of us humans now, and we are being artificially forced, by government fear and inertia, to stay in our planetary cradle instead of being allowed to naturally spread out from Earth.

The best way to do what you can for the environment hasn't changed: Don't soil your own nest, and take full, individual, responsibility for the mess you do make when it harms the property or lives of others.

In the interest of full disclosure, I would be happy to live in a cave under primitive conditions. Or in a tipi or a dugout. No electricity or running water (or, as I used to tell my first ex-wife "we'd have electricity during thunderstorms, and running water when it rains....") The thought doesn't bother me at all. However, I know most people don't feel that way. Many people depend on modern advances for their very lives. I have no business taking their non-coercive choices from them. Neither does anyone else.


You would think that if government can do any good, it would be able to prevent bad things from happening right under its nose.

A security guard at the Department of Human Services in Albuquerque called 911 because of a woman who was said to be beating her baby by slamming him against a wall inside the women's restroom. What good is a security guard if he is not allowed to provide security? One spokesperson claimed the guard was not authorized to intervene because he is not a police officer. Supposedly this goes for anyone who is not a LEO and who sees an attack occurring. “Certainly in an incident like this, they do need to act quickly, as well. But they are not police officers. So they need to call law enforcement immediately." Has no one heard of "citizen's arrest"? Does no one step up to protect a victim from an attacker anymore? At one time the police had no authority beyond that held by the rest of the population. It was simply their "job" to do what the rest of us could do on our own. It needs to be that way again, if that has been foolishly changed by "law". After all, this is why "cops cause crime".