Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"The Right's" favorite whine to libertarians

"The Right's" favorite whine to libertarians

I have previously touched on the most irritating comment I encounter from "The Left". Now "The Right" gets equal time.

The most personally annoying comment I have encountered from the right is something along the lines of: "You talk bad about cops now, but just wait until you need them. Then you'll be crying for their protection!" Sure. Just like I'll "need" MS-13 if I am victimized by a lone mugger in an alley.

"The urge to defend police for their criminality will always render the
rightwing completely unable to understand and defend liberty." - Anthony Gregory

I have long said that there is no situation so terrible that it can't be made worse, by orders of magnitude, by bringing in "law enforcement". To pretend otherwise is to ignore a growing body of evidence, and almost daily lethal examples.

Sure, if you haven't thought it through you may reflexively call the cops in case of a crime against you. That's what you have been conditioned to do. If you are even aware of the tragedies that often result, to the innocent, you may believe it could never happen to you. And you would be wrong.

You may believe that "I've done nothing wrong- I have nothing to hide". How sure are you that you have not violated even one of the 5 or 6 million federal laws that even the federal government admits it can't keep track of? How sure are you that you are not openly violating some state or local "law" that you weren't aware of? Do you think responding LEOs will ignore your violations just because you were the victim of some crime? It didn't work out that way for an Albuquerque man recently.

The Right is so trapped in their "punishmentality" that they can't wait to see someone taken down by the cops- until it happens to be themselves or a friend. Then, suddenly, it is a case of "The Left" passing "laws" that "violate their God-given freedoms". The hypocrisy is laughable, yet so sad.

I'll take my chances with the freelance thugs. What you choose to do if you fall victim to aggression or theft is none of my business, but just be aware that "The Law" has no interest in justice. They only want to not be bothered with you or your troubles. Maybe they will take their frustration out on the bad guy; maybe not. Is it really worth the risk anymore?