Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do you have what you must lack to be a cop?

Do you have what you must lack to be a cop?

I have decided, after much corroborating evidence, that cops are the least-principled people possible. They have to be in order to "do the job" without committing suicide from guilt over what they have done. In just one recent post from a cop (on another site) I read all these opinions:

The "laws" are not their fault, they just enforce them. Government doesn't impose "laws"; "The People" do. "Laws" are a result of "The People ... violating human morals and trust". ..."Times have changed and you MUST roll with it!"... "We must do our job wether (sic) people want us to or not, to keep the peace."

OK, can I gag now? As I have said before, LEOs vastly overestimate their importance to society. Just give one the chance and you will be regaled with fairy tales as to how we'd all be stealing, killing, and raping one another without the cops' big brotherly oversight. In reality, they are as important to civilization as ankle-weights are to an eagle.

In Albuquerque news: A couple of adult brothers have been charged with "negligent child abuse resulting in death". Apparently they were in their mom's yard fighting over money, after drinking, and the 3 year-old daughter of one of the men got upset and ran into the street and was hit by a car. Neither man was driving the car. Neither man chased or threw the child into the street. Was no other adult present? What about the driver of the car? If so, why would some of these other people not be charged as well, as long as bogus charges are being filed? The more victims that can be punished, the better for the State, right?

I'm not saying that they weren't stupid for drinking and fighting over $20. What I am saying is that the facts of the incident do not show "child abuse" by either man by any stretch of the imagination. This is just another example that The State feels the need to criminalize every tragedy.