Friday, August 27, 2010

Are you stimulated yet?

Are you stimulated yet?

The governor is using federal economic stimulus money, taken by threat of force from you and me or counterfeited by the "Federal Reserve", to ramp up enforcement of a state ban on cockfighting.

How is this use of the ill-gotten money stimulating the economy in any way? Sure, the enforcers will benefit and have more loot to spend. Why just hand it to them, though? Let them actively work to steal the money like their brethren in freelance coercion rackets do.

Rather, isn't this doing the opposite of "stimulating the economy"? I'm assuming money would be wagered in these fights, since that is the whole point. If people come from out of state and then spent their winnings in local Albuquerque stores, that would help the local economy.
Banning an activity and sending enforcers out to kidnap or kill those engaging in that activity seems unrelated, at least as an enhancement, to economics.

I'm not saying that cockfighting or dog fighting is a nice thing to do. I find both disgusting. So, I don't participate. Nor would I willingly associate with those who do.

I ask again: How is this use of the "stimulus" money stimulating the economy in any way? It seems a clear case of fraud to me. Taking money under one pretext and then using it for some other purpose. Maybe the governor should be "arrested".

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Filed under "Do as I demand; not as I do": This morning, on a street that runs alongside an elementary (government indoctrination center) school, I watched as a police car passed in traffic. I had a very good view of the driver. The cop inside was looking down and texting while driving instead of watching his surroundings. I wish I'd had a video camera.