Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A graphic demonstration of authoritarianism

A graphic demonstration of authoritarianism

A man got so upset over a crying 2 year-old on an Albuquerque city bus that he sliced the kid's mom's friend with a knife. He demanded that the mom make the kid stop crying. As if one person is responsible for and can control the actions of another. Then, when the mom did take the only non-coercive path open to her (got off the bus before her stop), the aggressor couldn't just let her go, but got off as well in order to attack. Then, in a classic example of "mission creep", he used his knife to injure a third party who was not even the cause of his aggravation. This is the authoritarian mindset in action.

Every time someone advocates passing a new "law" to control non-coercive behavior they don't like they are following the same pattern as this aggressor. Every time their actions or "laws" injure a person who wasn't even directly engaging in the offending behavior they are guilty of the same thing as this attacker. Every time someone thinks people should be punished for offending them they are copying this thug's behavior to the letter.

This man should be held up as the new poster child of The State. Statists will never see themselves in him even as they continue to follow in his footsteps.